Sam, 25 and still figuring life out. If you didn't know that I love television, then you didn't look very hard. This has pretty much turned into an Orphan Black blog, but I try to keep other shows and random posts in there too. Rizzles, Lost Girl, and OITNB are other faves as well.


Also, the makeup they did on Julianna Margulies during “The Last Call” was straight up haunting, that’s how pale she looked. And her acting…what can I say. There’s a reason she won an Emmy for this episode. She made me feel every emotion Alicia was feeling and it hit me hard. Damn you show, it’s been a while since I’ve been this devastated by a character death.

I’m so emotionally exhausted after what The Good Wife put me through last night. I hate when characters/actors leave a show and have no closure…but from what I read, that’s exactly what the Kings’ were going for. BUT WHHYyyy?!?!


Rizzles Remix!

Where Angela finds out about Maura and Jane, Maura finds out Jane hasn’t told her mother about them yet, and Jane realises she’s in a world of trouble. 

I knew it was coming. I knew it happened before I even started watching this damn show. But here I am, so upset I can’t even begin to describe it. Fuck. 

I am so disappointed by the lack of lesbians

Me, consuming every piece of culture ever (via tokomon)

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